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June 19, 2011 / CJWilson

Matt Tremont vs. TJ Marconi from Beyond Wrestling Ring Leaders 2011

Post by Chris Wilson:

This is a no DQ match from day two of the Ring Leaders event. I believe that Darius Carter and TJ Marconi were not a team at this time. (Editor’s Note: I almost forgot about The Lifestles of the Rich & Famous.) This is the “Good Times Only” TJ Marconi.

Matt Tremont hits a discuss clothesline for a 2 count. TJ Marconi hits a sidewalk slam/elbow drop combo for a 2 count. Now outside of the ring, Marconi hits a backdrop sending Tremont crashing to the floor. Tremont hits a legdrop off a chair onto a trash lid that is on Marconi’s head. The match leaves the building. Marconi body slams Tremont onto the ground and whips Tremont into a car. Now back inside, Marconi starts to target Tremont’s legs. Marconi slams Tremont’s legs onto the apron and locks in a Boston Crab through the ropes. Marconi releases the hold and gets a 2 count. Tremont whips Marconi into the corner and hits a Russian leg sweep. Tremont climbs to the top and hits a diving headbutt for a nearfall. Marconi hits two big bicycle kicks, but both men kick out at 2. The two bicycle kicks used Marconi’s last bit of energy so when he covered Tremont, he had his shoulders pinned to the mat as well. Tremont hits a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

A really good match here that involved a lot of brawling. Many weapons were used and I liked that they even took the match outside of the building at one point. Marconi really showed his inexperience in matches like this, which was nice to see. Marconi made mistakes that a guy like Tremont might not have made in matches like this such as turning your back on your opponent and leaving a weapon behind to taunt which allows your opponent to use that same weapon on you. Tremont did not like that because Marconi was only about having a good time, but Tremont did respect Marconi after this match for being able to brawl with him. They both shook hands afterwards and you could see the Marconi was bleeding, possibly the back of his head.

Chris Wilson


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