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June 5, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Prince Devitt Vs. Kenny Omega Best Of The Super Jr. X VIII


Reggie Gaines’s Analysis

Match starts of hot as Kenny Omega jumps and bell and FLIES across the ring to cach Prince Devitt with a flying elbow. Both wrestlers start exchanging strikes and are moving around the ring very quickly. Omega starts showcasing some of his slick offense early as he reverses out of the corner and hits Devitt with a hurricanrana sending Devitt to the outside. Omega follows him out with a slingshot corkscrew plancha. Kenny Omega is very charismatic and plays well to the japanese crowd. Back in the ring Omega hits the kotaro krusher bulldog on Devitt and a standing shooting star press for 2. Omega is dominating early on in the match. Devitt starts to fight out but is cutoff and hit with a pump-handle knee for a near-fall. Devitt reverses out of a suplex and hit a nice running dropkick on Omega sending him to the floor. Devitt grabs a table from underneath the ring. Omega cuts Devitt off as Devitt tries to slam Omega through the table. Omega back in the ring Flies through the air with a Tope Con Hilo to Devitt on the outside. They brawl through the arena and end up outside the building. Omega tries to hit hit Devitt with a chair but is blocked, Devitt tries to use the chair but is LEVELED with a Van Daminator from Omega. Omega grabs a ladder, climbs it and SOARS through the air with a moonsault onto Devitt. Omega take Devitt back towards the ring. Omega grabs another table from underneath the ring and teases a Croyt’s wrath through the table. Devitt fights out and NAILS Omega with a Nasty belly to back suplex on the floor that makes a sickening thud. Devitt sets up omega on the table and lands a running double stomp off the apron which doesn’t break the always pesky japanese table. Both wrestlers are in great pain after that spot. Omega barely makes the 20 count back into the ring but is caught with a double stomp to the back as he re enters. Devitt reverses another Croyt’s Wrath attempt and lands a pele style back kick dazing Omega who still manages to hit a snap half nelson suplex. Omega with a Haduken for another near fall. Devitt reverses a third Croyt’s Wrath and Spikes omega with the Sunday Bloody Sunday for the 3 count.


Great match with a great mix of wrestling. You get Flying, Brawling, and even some Hardcore spots. The match concluded with some great near falls from both men and both guys looked great in the end. Devitt and Omega are two of the best jr. heavyweights in the world. Just one of the great matches in an always great tournament.



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