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May 15, 2011 / Case Lowe

Chris Hero vs. KENTA from wXw 2011

Post by Case Lowe:

I normally have a little introduction before I post here describing how I feel the wrestlers involved in the match and how these two will most likely match up. I’ll keep this short and simple – KENTA is one of my favorite wrestlers ever, and Chris Hero isn’t that far behind him. This is not only a match involving two of my favorite wrestlers, it’s a match that plays to both of their strengths exceptionally well. Hero is a bully. He’s the bigger man, and from the start, he establishes that to the NOAH standout. KENTA is no slouch, however. He’s taken licks from the likes of Tenryu and Takayama, so even though he is the smaller man, he has no issue stepping up to Hero and dishing out some punishment. KENTA’s kicks look, sound, and probably even smell painful. The guy just seems like no fun to be in the ring with.

Hero, probably sick of taking so many kicks to the chest, decides to take matters to the ground and slowly work over KENTA. Hero, a known watcher of Puro, locks in a wicked Stretch Plum, which I’m sure he enjoyed doing to the All Japan dojo trainee. KENTA has seen this move done a million times and has probably felt it a million times, but the way he escaped this is something that I’ve certainly never seen before – he bites Hero’s hand to break the hold!

KENTA was so great in this match. He was rude, he was stiff, and most importantly, he was a ball of fire. Hero kept on throwing blow after blow but KENTA just wouldn’t stay down. He was able to cut Hero off at the perfect times and it really added to the match. It never felt like KENTA was down and out, he was always just a move away from catching Hero and ending the match, which he was finally able to do. This was David slaughtering Goliath with brutal strikes and two GTS’. Outstanding work from both men.

Rating: ****1/2

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