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April 29, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Akira Tozawa vs. Zack Sabre Jr. from Magnum Pro Wrestling Battle Royale Cup 2011


This match was a semi-final match in Magnum’s Battle Royal Cup.  More information about the promotion can be found at their Facebook Page.


If you want to support Magnum Pro financially, you can buy their DVDs, including this whole show at


TJ Hawke’s Analysis 

They started out on the mat, trying to lock in submissions.  Eventually, they both ended up in the ropes.  They stood up and started to try to land some strikes.  They ended up on the ground again, and they went for more submissions.  Once again, they ended up in the ropes.  They stood up again, but Zack managed to get another cross armbreaker!  Tozawa made it to the ropes though.  Zack tried to get another submission but Tozawa escaped and hit a saito suplex.  Tozawa followed that with a pair of running forearms in the corner, but once again Zack was able to get a (not fully extended) cross armbreaker.  Tozawa escaped and hit a big German.  Zack tried to get the win on several rollup attempts, but Tozawa survived.  Finally, Zack rolled through on a Backslide attempt and got the win.


This was really good, and it was interesting to see Tozawa work a different style than the one he normally works.  I wish they played to the crowd a little more to get them involved, but even without that, the match still worked for me.  I hope these two get a bigger stage one day to have the insane match that we all know they are capable of.  If this match happened in wXw or in PWG, it would be insane!
Match Rating: ***1/4


Thoughts from Lee Goodfellow of Indy Wrestling Express:

The art of grappling lives on, as the first half of this match was a great mat wrestling exhibition. I like how it progressed with Tozawa busting out his signature strikes and suplexes, which Sabre counteracted by trying to bring him back to the mat. This was a very good match, which made me really want to see these two face off again on a bigger stage.


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