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March 19, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Johnny Cockstrong vs. Kobald vs. Josh Thor vs. Matt Marvel from Beyond Wrestling’s World of Hurt 2011

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Recap from TJ Hawke:

Cockstrong offers all the wrestlers a free shot: Marvel tries to give him a lowblow, but Cockstrong’s “Strong Cock” was too much for them.  Thor tried to kick it, and Kobald tried to bite it, but the cock was just too damn strong.  After the early tomfoolery, they did some typical 4-way stuff, where two guys stayed in the ring and two guys stayed out.  Cockstrong got a nearfall driving his cock into Marvel’s face (yes).  Cockstrong eventually won by using the In-The-Pants Piledriver, where he stuff Marvel’s head in his tights, and gave him a piledriver.


Johnny Cockstrong is a superhero who fights crime with his incredibly strong cock: what a fantastic man.

Match Rating: **1/2


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