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February 20, 2011 / TJ Hawke

CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. Sheamus vs. R-Truth from WWE’s Elimination Chamber 2011


Recap from TJ Hawke:

The winner of this match got to challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.


Morrison and Sheamus started the match. Was Sheamus a face here? No, I don’t think he turned for a few more months.  They ended in the cage area. Morrison went for a Flying Chuck, but Sheamus avoided it. Morrison managed to catch himself on the cage, and he hit the Flying Chuck from there. Back in the ring, Sheamus took over the match. Randy Orton entered the match and ran through everyone. Orton hit Sheamus with an elevated DDT on the metal.  Orton gave a superplex to Morrison and then another one to Sheamus.  CM Punk was suppose to enter the match, but pod got jammed. Punk and Orton were feuding at the time.  Orton then used this as an opportunity to beat down a helpless Punk. Hastag Babyface.  Orton tossed Punk into the ring and hit a RKO: 1…2…3…lame.

CM Punk is eliminated.


The Anonymous Raw GM sent an email. Michael Cole read out that the GM thought Punk was not given a fair chance and that he was reinstated into the match. Punk went back into his pod.  Sheamus gave Orton a backbreaker. Orton avoided a Brogue Kick, but he ate a Flying Chuck from Morrison.  John Cena entered the match.  Sheamus beat him down right away. Morrison took out Orton and Sheamus with a springboard move. Cena tossed Morrison onto the cage.  Sheamus took out Morrison and Cena with a slingshot shoulder tackle.  R-Truth entered the match and gave Sheamus a hip toss onto the cage.  R-Truth ran throught everyone. I’m sure he’ll be eliminated soon. Right on cue, Sheamus hit Truth with a Brogue Kick: 1…2…3

R-Truth was eliminated.


Orton sent Morrison through one of the glass pods.  CM Punk entered the match again. Cena tried to give Orton a FU, but Orton escaped and hit a RKO onto the cage. Orton was hurt as well. Punk hit Sheamus with a roundhouse and pinned Orton: 1…2…NO! Punk hit the GTS: 1…2…3!

Randy Orton was eliminated.


Sheamus sent Punk into a pod and then hit a Polish Hammer.  Sheamus somehow got Morrison onto the top of the pod. Morrison knocked Sheamus to the mat. Morrison climbed to the center of the dome. Morrison then hit a diving crossbody: 1…2…3. That was cool.

Sheamus was eliminated.


Cena went to do the five moves of doom on Punk. Cena went to give Punk the FU on the cage, but Morrison took them out with a plancha.  Morrison went for the running knee on Cena, but Cena dodged it and Morrison crashed through a pod.  Cena got Punk up on his shoulders, and Morrison hit a springboard lariat to take both out. Cena hit Morrison with a FU. Punk took Cena out with a roundhouse kick.  Cena ended up on the cage. Punk hit a springboard lariat, and he then sent Cena into a pod. Punk went to send Morrison into a pod, but Morrison caught himself and hit a Flying Chuck. It was awesome. Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Punk dodged it. Morrison landed on his injured leg. Punk Morrison with a GTS: 1…2…3!

John Morrison was eliminated.


Cena hit Punk with a FU onto the cage: 1…2…3. Lame.

John Cena wins the Elimination Chamber match.


This match ended up being a ton of fun. The fun was mostly a result of the booking of the Punk/Orton feud and the stuff at the end with Cena, Punk, and Morrison. Actually, Morrison provided a lot of fun throughout the match. In fact, they really seemed to be trying to portray Morrison as a main eventer on this show, and I’m not sure why they lost faith in him shortly after this. I don’t think he could have ever been the guy in the WWE, but he should be a valuable member of their roster. Anyway, I enjoyed this match a great deal, and I think you should all definitely watch it.

Match Rating: ***3/4


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