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February 11, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Chase Burnett vs. Jonny Mangue from Beyond Wrestling’s Gospel of the Boards 2011


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For this post, we are lucky enough to have Beyond Wrestling’s booker and promoter, Drew Cordeiro (aka Denver Colorado) join us to discuss the match.


Thoughts from Drew Cordeiro

The match between Chase Burnett and Jonny Mangue should be sufficient evidence to support what I’ve been saying all along – the unprecedented environment of Beyond Wrestling forces wrestlers to compete to the best of their ability. Some might say that our tapings are low pressure situations since our events are typically closed to the public, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. With all of the other wrestlers ringside, it is simply not enough to defeat your opponent. Every wrestler that competes for Beyond Wrestling understands that it is essential to have the support of the other wrestlers who remain ringside to study each contest.


Chase Burnett vs. Jonny Mangue is an exciting, unpredictable bout featuring innovative, high-risk offense and scintillating counter wrestling from two of most tenured members of the Beyond Wrestling roster. Enjoy!




TJ Hawke’s Analysis:
Burnett is a part of Team Beyond, but his partner, Zane Silver, was not able to make the tapings.


Burnett used his quickness to stay competitive early, but Mangue cut him off with an Argentinian Backbreaker.  Mangue worked Burnett over after that.  Mangue went to the top rope, but Burnett met him up there.  Mangue tried for a super double handed chokeslam, but Burnett reversed it into a Frankensteiner!  Burnett made a big comeback after that.  Burnett hit a slingshot crucifix driver: 1…2…3! That looked sick.  Mangue cut him off with a devastating powerbomb.  DOUBLE HANDED CHOKESLAM: 1…2…NO!  Good nearfall.  These two have incredible chemistry.  Both men went to the top rope and Burnett hit a double knees to the back-sunset flip powerbomb combo and then a Pele kick to the back of the head! WTF! 1…2…NO!  Mangue went for another Argentinian Backbreaker, but Burnett reversed it into a crucifix pin: 1…2…3!   AHH!  What a match!


As I said in the recap, these two had tremendous chemistry and this was instantly one of my favorite Beyond matches that I have watched.  Holy Shit.  Make sure you watch this match.

Match Rating: ***3/4

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