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January 23, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Mistico (Sin Cara) vs. Averno from NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania 2011


Lee Goodfellow’s recap:

They lock up. Mistico takes Averno down with an arm drag. Back on his feet, they trade holds before an Averno arm drag brings Mistico down. They tie up and try to outpower each other. Averno takes Mistico down and gets a two count. Mistico powers out and springs onto Averno, propelling himself off him with a backflip. Mistico charges and Averno knocks him to the floor with a leg sweep, but leaves himself vulnerbale to Mistico’s headscissors. Mistico takes him to the mat. Averno makes it to his feet when Mistico attempts a monkey flip, then catches Mistico on his shoulders when he attempts an arm drag. Averno suffers a hurricanrana to the mat. He shoots out of the ring. Mistico connects with a diving flippy thing over the top rope.


Back in the ring, they charge at each other. Averno takes him down. Averno lands a double underhook sit out facebuster, better known as “Devil’s Wings”. He scores a three count. I guess this is two out of three falls.

Mistico 0 – Averno 1

Fall Two begins with Mistico dodging Averno’s running. Averno flips over Mistico. They go at it again, which results in Averno’s headscissors taking Mistico to the mat. Mistico slides to the outside, and receives a tope con hilo.

Averno is back in the ring. Mistico makes it to the apron, where he kicks Averno in the face. He follows up with a springboad hurricanrana. He follows that with a Yoshi Tonic. He scores the three count.

Mistico 1 – Averno – 1


Fall Three begins with more running. Mistico does some backflips, just show how awesome he is. He takes Averno down with a couple of headscissors. Averno escapes the ring. Mistico nails a suicide dive. He takes him back in the ring. He blocks a charging Averno with a shoulder, then springboard flips all the way over him and tries to bring him down. It doesn’t work. He comes off the ropes again and executes the same move that scored him the second fall. He only gets two this time. They stand off.


They charge again, and a Mistico hurricanrana gets a two count. More running. An Averno dropkick sends Mistico to the outside. Mistico stands there, seemingly aware that he is about to receive an Asai moonsault. He doesn’t bother dodging it, so Averno takes him out. They both beat the count out. Averno charges at Mistico, who is on the apron. He gets kicked in the face again. He counters Mistico’s flying headscissors with a powerbomb pin. He gets a two count. Mistico gets picked up, dropped on his face, then receives a standing moonsault. Averno gets a two count. Averno goes for Devil’s Wings (which he scored the first fall with), but Mistico counters with his signature armbar. Averno is very vocal about his pain. His foot makes it to the ropes, forcing the break.


Mistico connects with running flying headscissors number three hundred. Averno is sent outside the ring. Mistico runs to the top rope, and flies at the standing Averno with a splash. He returns to the ring and the count begins. Averno makes it back in, then goes for an unnsuccessful running dropkick. Mistico places him on the top turnbuckle, then kicks him in the face. Mistico runs up, but Averno locks in the double underhook. He nails his Devil’s Wings from the top rope! Mistico kicks out at two!


Averno ascends to the top, and signals for the end. He jumps off, and makes no visible effort to do an actual move. Mistico dropkicks him. He covers him for two. Mistico picks Averno up and puts him back down with a scoop slam. He lands a springboard senton, then gets a two count. Mistico pulls Averno closer to the corner, then botches what I assume was going to be a moonsault as he slips off. The first hint at his WWE future there. Averno lands a running powerbomb for two. Averno taunts with his back to his opponent, who capitalises with a roll up. It gets two. Mistico runs and kicks Averno in the face. He takes him down with a snapmare, then goes for a diving flippy move, which Averno dodges. Mistico dropkicks Averno. He tries to roll him up, but Averno escapes before he can trap him, then rolls him up with the same technique. Averno gets two. Averno leapfrogs the running Mistico. Mistico flips out of an Averno move. Mistico nails La Mistica, causing Averno to immediately tap to the finishing armbar! Mistico wins with two falls to one.


Lee’s thoughts: What a breathtaking contest. It was highlighted by many incredibly smooth exchanges, but it wasn’t just the flashiness that was good, as there was plenty of drama with the big moves and near-falls towards the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this match.
Mistico was superb, it’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to adapt well to the WWE style since he arrived there last year.


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

I should start this with the confession that I watch very little lucha libre.  The style just never engaged me the way the other prominent styles of the world have.  While I did enjoy this match, I wouldn’t say it’s a match that made “lucha crazy,” nor did it make me want to track down more and more lucha.  It was a fun match, but I have a couple of complaints.  First, the opening falls seemed completely unimportant, and they only helped establish a finish that the competitors could later kick out of in the third fall.  While that is fine, everything during the falls could have been better.  Secondly, while the third fall was very enjoyable, with good drama, it definitely suffered from the “I’ll get my shit it in, and then you can get your shit in” feeling.  As I said though, this match was enjoyable overall.  If you have only seen Sin Cara in the WWE, you owe it to yourself to see what he was doing as Mistico.


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