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January 7, 2011 / Reed

Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee from CZW 2011

Review by Reed Benson:

It’s a tale of a crowd that wouldn’t. Moxley and Lee come out choking and chopping each other around on the floor, and the crowd doesn’t care. Moxley goes through a table off the apron and the crowd’s like, “Meh.” There’s a suplex on the concrete floor, and the crowd’s like, “Whatevs.” DDT on a chair? Eh. Superplex? Psh. Backdrop through a pane of glass? Okay, we’ll honk a horn, but then we’re going to go back to sitting on our hands.

What I see is the future Luke Harper and the future Dean Ambrose trying to tell the story of a fighting champion who constantly gets in over his head yet still refuses to stay down. But what I hear are chants of “Boring” and “We want blood!”

To be fair, this match isn’t very fast-paced, and they seem to allow a lot of down time between moves. I think a lot of that’s on Lee, because Moxley seems to bring some energy when he gets his spurts of offense. Maybe they should’ve teased more before doing certain moves. There wasn’t a lot of drama to the one submission attempt because no one would believe Brodie Lee tapping to a figure four. Moxley probably should’ve gone after his hand, considering that he’d already smacked it against a ring post earlier. They definitely should’ve teased the weapon spots more. The first table, the chair, the pane of glass, and the last table all got used very quickly after being introduced.

So Moxley jumps on Brodie’s back to go for a submission, but Lee backs him through a pane of glass in the corner, then picks him up and hits a Blackhole Slam for two. Then he gets a table and puts thumbtacks on it, and Moxley catches him on the top rope and powerbombs him through it all to get the pin and retain his CZW title.

Overall, kind of slow, but I saw at least one of the guys trying fairly hard. I wish the crowd would’ve given them more of a chance; maybe they would’ve been motivated to pick up the pace. As it is, it’s skippable.

– Reed Benson 

Twitter: @Hookthelegman

Match Reviews:  Hook the Leg, Man!


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