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December 27, 2010 / TJ Hawke

William Regal vs. David Hart Smith from WWE 2010

Post by TJ Hawke:

This is exactly the kind of match that we should be getting from shows like Superstars or Main Event. The opening portion of the match was about trading holds. It actually served a purpose it showed that Regal, a veteran know for trading holds, could not get the better of the younger Smith. That obviously helps to get over Smith. Regal then *had* to go after one of Smith’s legs to get the advantage. Regal even did it in a manner (mostly through facials) that made it seem like he was being a villain for employing the perfectly legitimate tactic of targeting a limb.

Smith’s comeback was the only spotty portion of the match for me. A lot of his comeback spots were based on his power and strength in his legs. He managed to find ways to sell his injured leg here and there though. So, it was not like watching BedxBreakfast Hulk sell a leg or anything that bad, it just could have been a little bit better.

The finish was perfect based on the story told: Regal dove at Smith’s legs to chop him down during the latter’s comeback, and Regal was then able to easily hit the Knee Trembler. This was just good professional wrestling. (***1/2)

Regal was the star of the match, and (like so many times in the past fifteen years) he managed to work a match that feels unique for the WWE. This is easily one of my favorite Harry Smith matches ever. That reflects his poor work over the years more than the excellence of this match, but he deserves credit for working well here. I only wish he managed to find a way to keep working this well in the many years since.


[Note #1: Josh Matthews is fucking insufferable in this match, and I can usually block out commentary when it drags a match down.]

[Note #2: There is a video package for Yoshi Tatsu in the middle of this match where Michael Cole says “Japanese Strong Style.”]


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