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November 15, 2010 / Reed

Jessica James & Rachel Summerlyn vs. Children of Pain (Darin Childs & Skylar Skelly) from ACW’s Underground Icon’s Birthday Bash 2010

Review by Reed Benson:

I don’t want to get into a debate about inter-gender wrestling. I don’t want to cast aspersions on people who like it, but I’m personally not into it. That said, if it’s going to be done, I think those involved need to dial back the sexism. I don’t need to see the wrestlers feeling each other up or making lewd gestures in the ring. I’d rather see two competitors compete the same way that two women or two men would compete against each other.

The good news for this match is that the workers in the ring do that. Rachel and Jessica are treated as pretty much equal to their opponents. The men have some amount of strength advantage, but their skills seem pretty equal. And they have an okay match for a bit, what with the girls running wild early until the boys do some cheating and work over the smaller girl (Jessica) to get heat.

But then it kind of gets ruined when the girls do the hot tag too early. Rachel runs wild for a short time, but then she tags Jessica back in. That seems counter-productive. It also doesn’t help that Jessica puts on a bad rear naked choke that just kind of stalls the action. After that, even though we do get a cool thing called a scorpion kick from Jessica, the match is lost on me. The guys get the win after Skylar mimics Randy Orton and hits a diamond cutter. I’d call it an RKO, but it looks more like a diamond cutter.

Since the match fell apart near the end, and since the one announcer would not stop fawning over Jessica James for the whole match, I can’t recommend anyone watch it. There’ve got to be better introductions to ACW out there.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

I don’t often tweet about wrestling, but I have a Tumblr gimmick for it here.


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