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November 13, 2010 / Reed

Jon Moxley vs. Drake Younger from CZW 2010

Review by Reed Benson:

It’s future WWE star vs. future WWE referee for the CZW World Heavyweight title!

I like to watch “Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger wrestle and suplex people, but “Golden Boy” Drake Younger isn’t here for my enjoyment. He’s here to beat up my hero and win the CZW title. And he goes old school to do it – old school IWA Japan, that is.

Younger is decked out like Mitsuhiro Matsunaga – baggy black pants, a pair of elbow pads, and bleached blond hair. I’m sure this is intentional because Younger wrestles a lot of this match like a Japanese deathmatch wrestler. Most of his offense is weapons-based, and his main weapon is a fork. He also hangs Moxley by the neck with a belt over the top rope, which is always a scary visual. Oh, and for whatever reason, he mimicks Hulk Hogan’s flexing and tries a leg drop (which he misses). Not sure what that was all about.

Moxley reminds me a lot of Terry Funk in this match. He gets beat up for most of it and bleeds a lot. During his several short hope spots, he’s rabid, even resorting to biting at one point, but he keeps getting cut off before he can really take control. Late in the match, he staggers around, swinging blindly, not really sure where he is but knowing he has to keep fighting. The announcers point out that he’s not been a dominant champion but rather a champion who always seems to find a way to win. Moxley does a good job in that role.

The crowd sadly isn’t into the match that much except for the big spots, like the piledriver through the table on the floor. Maybe they were saving it for the deathmatch main event, but I think this match deserved more reaction, as both guys were playing their parts well.

Two nitpicks: 1) The piledriver through the table on the concrete doesn’t lead to a stretcher job. I guess in the world of CZW, though, it rarely does, so it makes sense in context. 2) Roll-up finish. Drake hits Drake’s Landing (vertebreaker), which is a major move, but Moxley kicks out. Drake sets up chairs to do it again, but Moxley rolls him up and gets the three. If it had been a small package held tightly, I might’ve believed it, but Drake looked to be in too strong of a position to fall for such a weak cradle as the one Moxley pulled.

Still a good story overall. Easy to see why people like Dean Ambrose in WWE so much these days.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

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