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September 12, 2010 / Case Lowe

BxB Hulk vs. PAC from wXw 2010

Post by Case Lowe:

If there’s one thing this site needs more of, it’s Dragon Gate. (Editor’s Note: A filthy lie.) Luckily, wXw opened up their gates and posted BxB Hulk vs. PAC from 2010. This will be a very polarizing match because it’s sort of Dragon Gate in a nutshell. PAC and Hulk are representing the WORLD-1 unit in this match, which was a popular babyface unit that also featured Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi, among others. Because these two are representing are the same unit, they keep things sportsmanlike~! If you want flips (in this case, it’d be flips with a “z”) and athleticism, this is the match for you. If you want a compelling story, other than the fact that these two are representing one unit and trying to get the best out of each other, this is probably not for you. PAC and Hulk flip around the ring for 13 minutes, you should watch this! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a match quite like this where both guys are trying to out-flip each other. Instead of a long-winded forearm strike exchange or repeated kicks to the chest, these two take it to the ropes and jump on each other.

Like I said earlier, this is certainly not for everyone. If you like fun, flippy goodness, give it a look, as it’s a short, fun sprint. You aren’t getting limb work, you aren’t getting BattleArts-like matwork, you aren’t getting two guys that even build up to a huge finish. This, however, is a lot of fun. I approve!

Rating: ***1/2

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