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August 15, 2010 / CJWilson

Corvis Fear vs. Jonny Mangue vs. Anthony Stone vs. Darius Carter from Beyond Wrestling Pop Culture 2010

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match took place in 2010 back in Ohio. This match features four guys who are still on the Beyond Wrestling Roster today and a few of these guys look a lot different back then. Props to Darius Carter for wrestling in a bottom half of a suit, real dedication right there.

Anthony Stone hits a belly-to-back facebuster on Jonny Mangue. Darius Carter throws Corvis Fear to the outside causing him to hit a suicide dive on Mangue and connect to the back of Stone’s head who was sitting on the apron. Corvis hits a splash on Stone while Carter had Stone in a wheelbarrow hold, and Mangue had Stone in a front facelock. Mangue hits a basement dropkick on Corvis for a 2 count. Stone hits an innovative Tornado DDT on Corvis and Mangue hits a two-handed chokebomb on Stone onto Corvis and Carter follows up by hitting a snap neckbreaker onto Mangue while hitting a senton onto Stone and Corvis. Mangue and Corvis try tossing Carter in the air, but Carter connects with a knee to the face on both men. Stone hits a diving led drop off the top. Mangue hits a spinning powerbomb on Carter for 2 after Stone broke it up. Carter hits a double knee facecrusher onto Mangue who had Stone on his shoulders so Stone comes crashing down onto Mangue. Corvis hits a baby Ace Crusher on Carter and transitions into a modified Dragon Sleeper for the submission victory.

A fantastic match here that everyone needs to check out. A really good fatal 4 way where all four men were doing something so there really was no point where two guys were fighting in the ring and two guys were chilling on the outside. Some really innovative stuff here that will keep you entertained from start to finish. I didn’t recap everything that happened because they were some moves that I didn’t know how to put into words, and I am hoping that the stuff that I could put into words makes sense because there was a lot of stuff here that I have not really seen before.

Chris Wilson


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