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April 10, 2010 / TJ Hawke

Team Oreo (Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) vs. Team Beyond (Jonny Mangue, Chase Burnett, & Zane Silver) from AIW’s Jack of All Trios 2010


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Recap from TJ Hawke:

Team Oreo got a great reaction coming out.  Team Beyond did not.  Gargano sent Burnett through the ropes and Burnett nearly died crashing on the floor.  That truly sounded like death.  Flip and Mangue tagged in, and they displayed some surprisingly great chemistry.  Flip got the better of the exchange.  Silver and Lyndon tagged in.  Zilver DDTed Lyndon onto the apron, so Gargano tagged in.  Zilver hit a hurricanrana on Lyndon to the floor.  Gargano went for his slingshot spear, but Team Beyond all hit dropkicks on him in mid-air.  Burnett hit a springboard senton onto all of Team Oreo on the floor.  Silver hit a corkscrew plancha.  Kendrick sent Mangue to the floor, and then Flip hit a corkscrew plancha onto everyone.  Back in the ring, Mangue hit the Rolling Thunder Headbutt on Flip. Lyndon hit the bridging Dragon Suplex on Mangue: 1…2…BURNETT MADE THE SAVE!  Burnett hit the moonsault double knees to Lyndon.  Silver killed Gargano with a spinning heel kick.  Burnett followed that with a Coast-to-Coast Dropkick: 1…2…AEROFORM MADE THE SAVE!  Flip hit a standing shooting star on Burnett: 1…2…NO!  Silver hit Flip with a rope-assisted Mic Check: 1…2…NO!  Lyndon and Gargano then cleared house of Team Beyond.  Mangue ate a kick to the head from all three Team Oreo members: 1…2…3!


This match was a lot of fun and a great start to AIW’s second day of the Jack of All Trios match.  Chase Burnett looked awesome here, and he makes everyone’s offense look like a million bucks.  AIW would be wise to bring him back in and stick him in a tag team.  It also should be noted that Gargano truly looked like he was ready to break out.  Definitely check out this match.


PS: Knowing Johnny Gargano’s love of the greatness of the nineties, I hope the “Team Oreo” name is at least in part, a homage to The Mighty Ducks movie!

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