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April 10, 2010 / Reed

Nick Gage vs. Egotistico Fantastico from CZW’s Swinging for the Fences 2010

Review by Reed Benson:

Nick Gage is an angry, angry man. What’s more, he’s a very proud man who can’t abide by anyone standing up to him. I dare say he’s offended by anyone who thinks they’re allowed to occupy the same ring as him. Why else would he be so threatening to the ring announcer, stealing his microphone and insisting that he do his own self-serving, foe-threatening introduction?

Now, I don’t know the whole backstory of the match, but, apparently, Gage issued an open challenge two weeks prior that was answered first by xOMGx (Gage won), then by DJ Hyde (Gage won), and finally by Egotistico Fantastico (they brawled to the back). Gage also ripped off xOMGx’s mask at one point, and this is allegedly what set the masked Ego off.

During the intro, the tension is high. Despite his curmudgeonliness (or more likely because of it), the crowd is on Gage’s side as he promises to make Ego’s face bleed. Ego’s not about the nonsense, though, as he blitzes Gage with a superkick and Death Valley Driver, going right for the win. He keeps the pressure on with high-flying and some brawling before Gage goes backyard and whacks him with a cookie sheet.

The live crowd is the real heel in this match. They seem to support Gage in everything he does. They chant “We want blood” and “F*** you, Ego.” They cheer the the backyard-iest moves of the match – a chair-assisted face wash and a powerbomb onto the backs of two standing chairs – both administered by Gage. On first watch, I actually thought that Gage was the babyface in spite of Dewey Donovan’s ringside presence. Gage doesn’t do much to keep up a heel persona, considering how much he plays to the crowd. I guess people wearing T-shirts and jeans have to stick together.

Ego gets a few hardcore shots in, like his double jump moonsault with a chair and his Taco Pizza surfboard faceplant onto a standing chair (the move that gets him the pinfall, BTW). Overall, I did enjoy the match, and I was just as impressed with Ego Fantastico as I recently was with his alter-ego, Robert Anthony. I liked Gage better in the old days when he wore tights and dominated the tag scene with Nate Hatred, but he’s still obviously a good performer. It’s just sad that he’s so miserable all the time.

After the match, for whatever reason, Gage has to be held back from attacking the ring announcer and Maven Bentley. Meanwhile, a little girl chants, “You rule” at him. Parents, I don’t want to tell you how to raise your kids…wait, who’m I kidding? Of course I do! Parents, please don’t bring your kids to CZW shows. Take them to Chikara instead.

– Reed Benson

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