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April 10, 2010 / Sam DiMascio

Green Ant vs. Frightmare from AIW 2010

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Oh, this match comes at an interesting time for the wrestlers and the promotion it is being held in. AIW is running their CHIKARA King of Trios qualifier tournament, Jack of All Trios and this is a CHIKARA showcase. This is when Denver Colorado was still doing commentary for the company and when AIW was still doing commentary over a venue sound system. Green Ant is just getting started at this time and, as suggested, is a bit green. Also, he’s scrawny as all heck. Probably not worth mentioning yet there it is. Frightmare is being touted as maybe the next best high flyer as a little ball of kinetic energy. Careers would go in different paths.

The match is nothing too special. Just a couple of kids in Halloween costumes going through a match. Green Ant even at this time was busting out that technical grappling. Not much else to his game at this point. His submissions felt a lot like “showcase” moves where he is doing holds that were sorta fancy but they don’t exactly connect to anything. Ant busted out a necktie type submission which was neat; it didn’t really have any value in the match other than to be neat though. They probably don’t clear a bar of being cool enough or rugged enough to have purpose. Frightmare is tiny so he should be working underneath. He was alright in there. A good chunk of the match was him getting knotted up so he didn’t have a ton of opportunity to shine. Didn’t even do too much crazy move stuff. The match as a whole is not an example of quality striking on the indies. Pretty much the opposite.

Fun for what it is if not super standard. More interesting in the context of how Green Ant would develop from “tape watching technical wrestler” to a more true GRAPPLER! Not something I would seek though if that doesn’t interest you.


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