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December 8, 2009 / TJ Hawke

Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore from CZW’s Cage of Death 2009

Recap from Nightlife:

Love me some Drake Younger.  Devon Moore always brings it when he’s with an opponent who isn’t shit or is in a big match.  This match was in a weird spot on the card, in between an awesome NRBW between Nick Gage and Thumbtack Jack and an equally awesome Cage of Death match between Sami Callihan (AKA Joey Splashwater of NXT fame) and Danny Havoc.

Younger and Moore quickly get to the outside for some classic CZW brawling, complete with multiple unprotected chairshots to Devon’s head and face.  Devon with the Billy Kidman classic shooting star press from the apron to the floor.  Devon with a surprisingly smooth and crisp chair-assisted moonsault press to Drake.  For a few years I actually thought Devon Moore was in his 40s because of a joke Danny Havoc made at one of the CZW Germany shows.  One of the commentators calls Drake “B-Boy” and then there’s an awkward pause.  Fun fact: that commentator is still employed by CZW 5 years later.  Referee Brett “stole several dollars in change from Rob Feinstein’s car” Lauderdale takes a great chairshot to the head.  CZW always has the best ref bumps.  Drake with a vertebreaker but the ref is down.  Drew Blood (remember him? Me neither) comes out and tombstones Drake.  Eddie Kingston comes out to run Blood off for some reason and hits a spinning backfist on Devon Moore as the crowd shits on the trainwreck booking that just happened.  A new ref comes out and then both guys just get up and keep having the match.  DJ Hyde is truly a next level booker. (Editor’s Note: Send this man a fruit basket already!) Devon Moore with a cutthroat driver to Drake on an open chair but it honestly wasn’t that impressive.  Drake wins with an awesome looking vertebreaker through a table.

Good match, but far from the best on this card.


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