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October 27, 2009 / TJ Hawke

Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin from WWE 2009

Post by TJ Hawke:

It is interesting to go back and get inside the mind of myself at this time. I’m sure I was outraged that Shelton had been reduced to the level where he became a jobber to the lumbering fool from FCW. While there was genuinely a chance in the 2005-2007 period to position Shelton has someone of importance, there is basically no doubt that he was un-fixable by this point, and Sheamus went on to become one of the best in-ring guys in this century for the company. I would be incredibly curious to see what 2014 Sheamus and 2005 Shelton could have down with each other. Unfortunately, their 2009 selves were not the peak of either man, and the match is rather dull as a result.

It really seemed like Shelton was just done. I say that because he was clearly trying here (even did an Arabian Press Moonsault to the floor), but he was missing the charisma that made him stand out as a potential star at one point. Sheamus was still getting his “sea legs,” and he had not really figured out how to control a match in an interesting manner yet. Sheamus ended up winning with the Brogue Kick, which came off as quite anti-climatic at the time. (**)


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