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October 24, 2009 / Kevin Ford

Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli from F1RST Wrestling The Warriors

Post by Kevin Ford:

Claudio pushes Quackenbush on the mat, stomps on his head, then drops a series of elbows for two. Claudio cranks on Quackenbush’s neck. Claudio shoulders Quackenbush in the chest and stomps away on his mid-section in the corner. Claudio elbows Quackenbush in the face. Quackenbush hits the corner and catches Claudio with a boot. Quackenbush dives over Claudio, rolls onto his shoulders, and armdrags him down. Quackenbush sunsets Claudio for two, and Claudio clotheslines Quackenbush for two. Claudio lays his elbow into Quackenbush’s head. Claudio takes Quackenbush down with a gut-wrench suplex for two. Claudio leg drops Quackenbush for two. Quackenbush pops onto Claudio’s shoulders, and escapes a slam with an armdrag. Quackenbush victory rolls Claudio for two. Claudio drills Quackenbush with Sweet Schwinn Music for two. Claudio applies a headlock with Quackenbush’s own arm across his throat as well. Quackenbush uses a Johnny Saint reversal, but Quackenbush throws Quackenbush head first to the mat. Claudio works on the mid-section and back of Quackenbush. Quackenbush gets to his feet and gets thrown right back down by Claudio. Quackenbush monkey flips onto Claudio’s shoulders and arm drags him again. Claudio is caught in a reverse wheelbarrow, and is popped up. Quackenbush sends Claudio the mat with an armdrag. Quackenbush comes out of the ring and is popped onto the apron. Claudio trips Quackenbush so that his face hits the apron. Claudio brings Quackenbush back in the ring. Claudio throws Quackenbush to the corner. Quackenbush comes out with a cartwheel arm drag. Quackenbush blocks a whip by sitting down. Claudio stomps on Quackenbush’s bad arm. Claudio brings Quackenbush’s arm to the ring post, and slams it against the post. Claudio traps Quackenbush’s arm in the ring skirt and slams a steel chair against it. Claudio pins Quackenbush for two. Claudio continues to target the arm in the ring. Quackenbush fights back with a series of chops. Claudio hits the ropes, and Quackenbush uses his feet to flip Claudio to the floor. Quackenbush uses one arm to get to the apron. He hopes off the corner with a moonsault to the floor. Quackenbush lays in some chops to Claudio in the ring which are ineffective. Claudio catches Quackenbush in an abdominal stretch. Quackenbush reverses and then backslides Claudio for tow. Quackenbush takes over Claudio with a spike hurricanrana for two. Claudio spins out Quackenbush into a back breaker. Claudio misses a dive, driving his shoulder into the ring post. Quackenbush spins around into an armbar! Claudio escapes and elbows Quackenbush. He springboards into a European uppercut. Claudio climbs the ropes and lands the Sweet Schwinn Music. Claudio lands the Ricola Bomb for the victory.

As usual, a great match between these two. They did a lot of call backs to the previous evening which I always appreciate. Check it out! ***1/2

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