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October 18, 2009 / garrettkidney

Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan from TNA Bound For Glory 2009

Post by Garrett Kidney:

2009 was the year TNA desperately tried to make Matt Morgan happen. Morgan was a big guy who could move and who was hyped by Jim Cornette but when push (Editor’s Note: pun intended?) came to shove, he did not deliver. That is to say he didn’t unless he was wrestling AJ Styles or Kurt Angle. Styles carried Morgan to an enjoyable best of three earlier in the year and this was the big test for Morgan. TNA had slowly been building toward Morgan vs. Angle for months. And on the basis of this match alone Morgan passed with for the most part. While Morgan didn’t detract from the match in any way, it was clearly Angle who was the engine of this match. Morgan would go on to fail to deliver in most other big match spots.

The story of the match was straightforward. Angle was the smaller man looking to avoid the larger Morgan and slowly cut him down to size. Morgan was the bigger man looking to overpower Kurt. Morgan dominated, missed a Carbon Footprint hurting his knees off the turnbuckle in the process and then Angle went to work.  Morgan was somewhat rejected a babyface here in what was supposed to be a big moment. The same crowd wholly rejected Bobby Lashley earlier in the show in a match against heel Samoa Joe. Angle won somewhat anti-climactically by reversing an electric chair into a victory roll. It was Angle’s first Bound For Glory win after losing efforts vs. Sting in 2007 and Jeff Jarrett in 2008. This wasn’t a perfect match by any means but it was easily the best of Matt Morgan’s career. ****


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