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March 14, 2009 / TJ Hawke

Kaz Hayashi vs. Minoru from AJPW 2009

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This match was for Hayashi’s AJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

They did an early forearm trading sequence. Hayashi eventually hit a dropkick and then a tope suicida. Hayashi then went after Minoru’s left leg. Minoru came back with an armbar, which slowed Hayashi down. Minoru continued to target the arm. Minoru got a cross armbreaker, but Hayashi eventually got a leg on the ropes. Hayashi came back with a slingshot Lionsault. Hayashi hit a tombstone for a nearfall. Minoru came back after a leaping enzuigiri sent Hayashi to the floor. Hayashi managed to hit a brainbuster on the floor that almost got both men counted out. Hayash was in control in the ring and got a nearfall with a brainbuster. Hayashi went for a springboard move, but Minoru caught him with a release German and then got a nearfall with a buzzsaw. Minoru went for a 450, but Hayashi avoided it. Cross armbreaker out of nowhere by Minoru! Hayashi escaped and got a cripple crossface! Minoru escaped but ate a German and a bridging Dragon suplex. Minoru avoided The Final Cut and hit another buzzsaw. Minoru then hit an Air Raid Crash: 1…2…NO! Hayashi came back with The Final Cut off the top rope for a nearfall. He hit another Final Cut for another nearfall. Minoru tried to come back but Hayashi hit a handspring enzuigiri. Minoru came back with an enzuigiri and a shotgun dropkick. Hayashi went for a crossbody, but Minoru hit a dropkick and then a super Perfect-plex: 1…2…NO! 450 from Minoru: 1…2…NO! Cross armbreaker from Minoru! Hayashi got to the ropes. Hayashi hit a verta-breaker and then a massice buzzsaw: 1…NO! Final Cut: 1…2…NO! Hayashi then mercifully ended the match with a Power Plant: 1…2…3

Wow, I cannot recommend the lengthy time investment this match requires in the slightest. For an overly long match, it was not the most annoying match of its kind. However, they easily could have shaved twenty minutes off this thing and had a much more consistently enjoyable contest. Hayashi’s work on Minoru’s leg ended up being a complete waste of time while Minoru’s work on Hayashi’s arm sporadically seemed to matter. I remember watching this at the time and thinking it was great. If nothing else, this match reflects how much my tastes have changed.

Match Rating: **1/2


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