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March 14, 2009 / Reed

Jon Moxley vs. Jon Dahmer from CZW 2009

Review by Reed Benson

This is a great match for someone with a short attention span like me. They don’t waste time feeling each other out. There’s no meaningless matwork. There’s no meaningful matwork, either. Moxley just tries to maul Dahmer from the very beginning, and Dahmer returns the favor when he has the chance. And it’s all in less than seven minutes.

Apparently, Dahmer was feuding with Sami Callihan at this point, and Moxley was Callihan’s tag partner, so they don’t like each other. Dahmer gets control of Moxley but loses it when he wastes time trying to quiet the fans so they can hear his chops. Moxley works on Dahmer’s back, and it quickly affects Dahmer’s agility. He still manages to throw some suplexes. Moxley gets frustrated and gets a chair. They fight over who will get to drop the other guy onto it, and Moxley wins that contest and the match with a DDT. High-energy stuff, and boy, a chair sure means a lot more when it’s only used for the finish.

-Reed Benson 

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