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February 27, 2009 / Reed

Chase McCoy vs. Danny Havoc from ICW 2009

Review by Reed Benson:

This is a toolbox deathmatch, and it is brutal. If you like seeing wrestlers get hit in the head with metal things and Kendo sticks, this is for you. If you like watching dudes get stabbed and literally drilled in the forehead, this is for you. If you like wrestlers not protecting each other because they think it shows how macho they are, this is for you.

I don’t like any of that, so it wasn’t for me.

I will say that they did a good job of showing their hatred of each other. Even though there was no commentary, I got the feeling that these two guys were in the midst of a blood feud with an emphasis on the blood (at least in McCoy’s case).

They do pull off some good moves, but not good enough to take the backyard vibe out of it. I liked Havoc’s corkscrew moonsault. He also did a nice double-arm DDT, Drew Galloway-style. Odd that Havoc did all the flashy wrestling, considering he looked the least like a wrestler, what with his T-shirt and baggy pants. At least go bunkhouse style and cut the sleeves off, man.

One last pet peeve…after taking a piledriver mid-match, Havoc is saved from a three count by a rope break. A ROPE BREAK?! IN A DEATHMATCH?! In a toolbox deathmatch, you’re allowed bludgeon your opponent with all manner of plunder and potentially drive an electric drill into their brain, but pinning them too close to the ropes is unacceptable? Okay, sure, that makes perfect sense.

This match gave me a headache. McCoy won with a top rope slam through a ladder and a chair.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

My (weird) wrestling commentary site is here.


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