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January 13, 2009 / TJ Hawke

Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger from WWE’s ECW TV 2009

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This match was for Matt’s ECW Title. I enjoyed Matt’s ECW Title reign. Have I mentioned that I’m the biggest WWECW fan in the world?

Not much happened before the first commercial.


Matt was in control when we came back from the break. He went for a slingshot move, but Swagger knocked him to the floor. Swagger proceeded to go after Hardy’s left arm. Swagger was in complete control as we went to another commercial.


Hardy started his comeback. He went to the top rope, but Swagger caught him with a superplex. Swagger went for another superplex, but Hardy reversed it into a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall. Swagger managed to rip off a top turnbuckle pad before the powerbomb. Swagger came back with a suplex, but Hardy came right back with a Russian Legsweep. Hardy then got a nearfall with a Side Effect. Swagger came back and hit a Vader Bomb: 1…2…NO! Swagger went for a cross armbreaker. Hardy came back with an Impaler DDT for another nearfall. Swagger managed to drop Hardy on the exposed turnbuckle and then hit the Swagger bomb: 1…2…3!

I love WWECW. This exactly the type of main event I had come to expect from WWECW. It was logical with a good crowd. These two didn’t light the world on fire here, but they did their job well. Check it out.

Match Rating: ***

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