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December 19, 2008 / failraiser

Hailey Hatred vs. John Thorne from AIW’s Nightmare Before X-Mas 2008

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Recap by Alex Torres:

This match is a No Ropes Barbed Wire match. Commentary by Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves) and Matt Wadsworth. The audio and video quality aren’t spectacular.

Thorne decides to leave. Hatred brawls with Thorne throughout the chairs and most of what’s caught on camera is the heads of fans. From what we do see, Hatred is in control. About a third of the way through the match, Hatred gets Thorne into the ring and they both attempt to throw the other into the barbed wire. Revis’ involvement allows Thorne to use a pair of scissors on Hatred’s head.

I guess the story is Thorne is bad with women and wants to take it out on Hatred, but Hatred is basically better than him in every way. This is a good story. Sure, the misogyny bit is played, but very rarely is the gist of the story that the woman is just better. She’s stronger, she’s a better wrestler, and Thorne needs scissors or an army of lame cohorts to even be her equal. Continually, Thorne cheats just for Hatred to remain his better. The end of the match includes names such as current ref Dave Dawson and current commentator Aaron Bauer, so the less I say about the finish, the better.

The problem is that, for a No Ropes Barbed Wire, this match is dull. A bulk of the match is either spent outside the ring obscured or featured Hatred fighting off Thorne’s buddies. What time they spent together actually wrestling or using the barbed wire is very basic. When Hawke sent me this match, I assumed it was their other encounter (which I also reviewed). The dog collar match put together every thing they did right in this match with the actual match part. Go watch the dog collar match instead. This isn’t anything special.



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