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November 22, 2008 / Reed

Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Hailey Hatred & Mary Elizabeth from HWA’s High Def 2008

Review by Reed Benson:

Let me digress before I even start…Is it terrible that I can’t tell which one’s Ashley Lane and which one’s Nevaeh? (Editor’s note: a bit) I mean, they don’t look at all alike here, but since there’s no commentary and I’m not familiar with either of them, I had to look up photos to see who was whom. Well, the photos of Lane as Madison Rayne in TNA have her wearing so much make-up/cosmetic surgery that she could believably be either of these women. So, I’m just operating under the assumption that Lane is the short, blond one, and Nevaeh is the taller redhead. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

I am familiar with Hailey Hatred, and Mary Elizabeth has a big “M” on her singlet, so there’s no problem on that side, at least.

Okay, onto the match, which is for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles held by Lane and Nevaeh. Nevaeh runs from Elizabeth after a hip toss, and Lane is hesitant to get in with Hatred. When she does, they do some mat work, which Hatred gets the best of. Elizabeth tags in and takes control until Nevaeh distracts her and opens her up for double team choking. Nevaeh and Lane get heat on Elizabeth while Hatred is easily goaded into distracting the referee so they can cheat and double team. Typical gullible babyface. The double team moves aren’t that impressive. Elizabeth shows strength picking Nevaeh up from a guillotine, but then she gets DDT’d. We get a camel clutch/Boston crab combo, which I haven’t seen since ECW, I think. Finally, Elizabeth fights out of the corner and tags Hatred. House of fire bits include a fisherman suplex, possibly my favorite move of all time. It doesn’t take long, however, for Lane and Nevaeh to get the pin after a running kick/STO combo to retain the titles.

Overall, there’s not much offensive about the match, but I think the only things I’ll remember from it are the finishing move and the fact that the babyfaces had far more practical ring gear than the heels. The best part was that the heels did a good job of being sneaky and playing off Hatred’s naievite. The worst part was that there wasn’t much between the hot tag and the heels winning (and over the fresh babyface, too). If I could send a message to my past self before watching this match, I’d say, “Hey, dude, it’s not that interesting and the finish isn’t worth the wait.”

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

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