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November 8, 2008 / TJ Hawke

Logan Shulo vs. Facade from IWC’s November Pain 4 2008


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Recap by Alex Torres:

Commentary by Joe Dombrowski and J. Worthington Farnsworth. The crowd is behind Facade here. Some exchanges on the ropes. Armdrag from Shulo. Shulo takes control until Facade  takes advantage with some high kicks. Shoves from both men. Facade lands some kicks in the corner, but then runs into a large boot. Slam from Shulo. An elbow drop gets Shulo a two count.

Take down gets Shulo the near fall. Shulo hits a delayed vertical suplex for the two. Facade manages an enziguiri. He hits Shulo with a heel kick. Springboard moonsault gets Facade a two count. Springboard heel kick for a two. Jack Brisco roll up for two. Both men try to pin each other, to no success. A power bomb from Shulo ends the match.

The story of the match was that Shulo had the power, and if he managed to ground Facade, Facade couldn’t win- and if Facade was allowed to fly, Shulo was at a disadvantage. They told a solid story and put on a fairly entertaining match.

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