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October 12, 2008 / garrettkidney

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle from TNA Bound For Glory 2008

Post by Garrett Kidney:

Jeff Jarrett had been absent from TNA television for over a year after his wife passed away, only to return and be coaxed into a match by Kurt Angle. Mick Foley debuted in TNA earlier that month and TNA felt it was best for him to participate in a variety of skits at Bound For Glory and enforce this match. Foley didn’t serve as much of a distraction though, only playing a role in the finish after Angle provoked him.

The main failing of this match was that it was simply too much of a straightforward wrestling match. This was supposed to be a big emotionally charged return for Jarrett, where he was to take two years of pain and suffering out on Angle but for too long it was side headlocks and takedowns. You could argue that Jarrett was wary of committing too much too fast considering it was his first match in 17 months and he was wrestling Kurt Angle, but some of the emotional build-up of the match was lost in the early exchanges. They would rectify all that in their superior rematch at Genesis 2009.

On the plus side, for what this was it was extremely well wrestled. Jarrett didn’t show any signs of ring rust and Angle was Angle. Also Mike Tenay and Don West did a better job of capturing Jarrett’s emotional return to the ring than the match itself did. They lost the crowd a little as Angle was in control but managed to reengage them as the match went on. The crowd response to Jarrett throughout the match was interesting because while they seemed supportive at the beginning, there were pockets of boos every now and again. Of course, because it was a Jeff Jarrett match, there was a ref bump which caused Foley to take over as referee. Angle hit Foley and Jarrett right in the head with a chair. Thank god that doesn’t happen anymore. Foley Socko’d Angle and Jarrett hit him with a guitar to score the win. The interference was unnecessary, serving only to get Foley involved in some way, and these two would go on to have better matches together but this was largely a solid effort. ***1/2


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