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July 20, 2008 / Kevin Ford

Larry Sweeney vs. Shiima Xion from Velocity Pro Summer Bash 2008

Post by Kevin Ford:

Sweeney and Xion exchange holds looking for control. Sweeney elbows out of a hammerlock. Xion takes him over with an armdrag. Sweeney tries blocking a clothesline but Xion pulls him into an armdrag. Xion sends Sweeney face first into all four corners. Xion avoids a corner attack but misses a top rope dropkick. Sweeney catches him with a knee lift and applies a chinlock. He uses the ropes for some leverage. Xion escapes and crossbody’s Sweeney for two. Sweeney brings him out of the corner with a butterfly suplex. Xion ducks some punches. He gets in a jawbreaker. Xion hits the top rope dropkick this time around. Sweeney kicks out. The Crystal Pistol and Bible Black get Xion a two count. They fight on the second rope. Xion shoves Sweeney off. He lands a crossbody. Sweeney rolls through and holds the tights for the pin at 6:58.

This was depressingly vanilla given the characters involved. There was decent back and forth action, but nothing to really sink your teeth into. This was way better on paper than in execution. *

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