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July 13, 2008 / TJ Hawke

Mike Quackenbush vs. Shane Storm from Chikara’s Tragedy and Triumph 2008

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Recap from TJ Hawke:

Shane Storm had recently been revealed as the tecnico traitor who gave away the secret of the Chikara Special submission to Chris Hero.  Quack is looking for revenge.

They brawl on the floor to start the match.  Quack backdropped him on the wooden steps early.  They were on the ring apron, striking each other.  Storm was trying for an Air Raid Crash on the apron, but Quack escaped.  Storm blocked a kick from Quash and hit a DDT on the apron.  Quack made it into the ring.  Storm hit a big lariat that bended Quack’s left knee in a painful looking way.  Storm went after that injured leg.  Quack came back with some windmill slaps.  Storm hit a big release German suplex.  Storm went for a senton atomico, but Quack avoided it.  Quack then hit a diving knee press to Storm.  Ouch.  Quack went for a Chikara Special, but Storm kicked out of it and locked in the Stretch Muffler!  Quack made the ropes.  Quack hit a series of slaps.  Quack then hit a TIGER DRIVER! Storm looked to have landed on his neck there.  Quack locked in the Chikara Special! Storm taps out!  Quack didn’t let it go, and the crowd encouraged him to keep it applied.  The referee of the match, Derek Sabato, reversed his decision and ruled that Storm won by disqualification.

I don’t think that I had ever seen Quack brawl like this before, which definitely made this match seem significant even though I was dropped into the feud cold.  Definitely worth watching though.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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