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April 25, 2008 / TJ Hawke

Christopher Daniels vs. Tetsuya Naito from NJPW in 2008


Recap from Lee Goodfellow:

It begins with a lock up! Big power struggle before the rope break. The trade holds until Daniels brings Naito the mat. Naito gets a rope break, and they face off again, where Daniels takes it straight back to the mat. Naito escapes after a while and gets control of Daniels’ leg, but it doesn’t last long and Daniels ends up working his arm. A sweet exchange sees Daniels cartwheel over Naito, before armdrags are exchanged and Daniels ends up in headscissors,. He escapes, then Naito wins a running battle with a dropkick. A sidewalk slam, then Naito is in control on the mat. The next running exchange ends with Daniels casting Naito to ringside, then charging and throwing him into the railing.

Back in the ring, Daniels is in control. Naito fights back with some strikes, but it doesn’t go far. An STO gets Daniels a two count. Naito escapes a submission and ends up levelling his foe with a dropkick. A Daniels charge meets an elbow, then an impressive diving crossbody. A running jump thing gets Naito two. Some sort of scoop slam also gets two. Strikes gets Daniels back in business, then he hits a Death Valley Driver for two. He sets Naito up on the top rope. Naito fights him off, then nails him with a missile dropkick for two! An enziguiri and a scoop slam and Naito calls for the Stardust press, but Daniels dethrones him from the rope. He slams Naito, then goes up top for the BME! One, two, three! He continues beating up Naito after the match, wrenching his arm.

Winner: Christopher Daniels


Lee’s thoughts: This was ok, worth watching if you’re a Daniels fan and want to see him in Japan. Naito is now one of New Japan’s brightest stars, but he didn’t get much of a chance to shine here. Daniels worked well as the dominant heel, but the plucky underdog Naito didn’t get to do quite enough to make this particularly memorable.

Match Rating: **1/2


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

This match was incredibly boring.  The crowd didn’t care about Daniels at all, and he didn’t seem to be in a rush to make them to care.  I don’t recommend that you watch this match.

Match Rating: **1/4


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