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March 7, 2008 / Reed

Drake Younger vs. Troy Walters from ICW 2008

Review by Reed Benson:

I like Drake Younger, and I like matches that can pull off the dynamic of the smaller guy being a weaselly heel while the bigger guy is the babyface who throws suplexes. All the viewer wants is for the big guy to get his hands on the little guy and chuck him around, but the little guy is just too slippery. I think they went for that here, but they didn’t go all the way. Or maybe the video quality and nonsensical clipping just destroyed the atmosphere that was actually there in the building.

I’ll throw a couple positives in. They wrestled well. Walters took a throw onto the hard floor. Younger wore the headgear. The ending featured an accidental ref bump that Walters took advantage of to get the win. I liked how he was surprised by the ref getting hit; it wasn’t intentional, but when he realized it happened, he jumped at the chance to hit a low blow and powerbomb. Then he put his feet on the ropes, which seemed a bit much and a little too obvious.

Maybe I would’ve recommended this match if it had been clearer and unclipped, but as it is, it isn’t worth the time, IMO.

– Reed Benson

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