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February 16, 2008 / Reed

El Generico vs. Kevin Steen from IWS Violent Valentine 2008

Review by Reed Benson:

Generico looks like he’s trying to be Mega Man with his blue and purple color scheme. Steen is the IWS Champion and makes sure the announcer lists all of his accomplishments, kind of like what Steve Corino’s personal ring announcer did for him in ROH except not as long.

But speaking of long, this is a pretty long match. I’m not a big fan of long matches, especially when one of the competitors is much more fun working at a fast pace like Generico. They don’t do a lot of rest holds or anything, but the match still drags for me. They take a long time between bursts of energy; I would’ve preferred a longer burst of energy and less dilly-dallying. I was probably influenced by seeing the runtime.

The big spot of the match is when Steen shoves Generico off the top rope into the pillar holding the building up. That’s a pretty crazy bump to take, and if I’d started watching the match from there, I’d probably have liked it better.

Steen’s not really a big heel here. He’s obviously the more heelish of the two, but he’s still fairly respectful to Generico, and even when he isn’t, it isn’t that egregious. He also plays around with the fans a fair amount. I think the match would’ve been helped by Steen being a blatant, overbearing heel and Generico having to power up to overcome him.

Generico hits a lot of his spots – blue thunder driver, half nelson suplex, yakuza kick in the corner, through-the-ropes tornado DDT on the floor – but he doesn’t manage to hit any version of the brainbuster. Steen likewise doesn’t get his package piledriver in, but he does a few somersault-type moves that you won’t see too often from him today. No 450, though; he’s not that thin.

Generico wins in the end with three yakuza kicks (or Helluva kicks as they’re now known) in a row. I can imagine people liking this more than me, and I definitely liked it in spots, but overall, it’s not captivating enough to justify its length.

– Reed Benson

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