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January 27, 2008 / Kevin Ford

Eddie Kingston vs. Shane Storm from CHIKARA Two Eyebrows Are Better Than One

Post by Kevin Ford:

Kingston takes control on the mat, shoving Storm away after breaking out of a headscissors. Kingston shoves Storms to the ropes to break a wristlock. He delivers a chop. Storm counters a hip toss with a Frankensteiner. He comes off the second with an armdrag and gets two with a flying clothesline. Kingston yakuza kicks Storm to the apron. Kingston leaps off the second rope into a clothesline which nails Storm right on the nose. Kingston inflicts more damage on the floor. Storm’s nose is now bleeding out onto his mask. Kingston goes for a few nearfalls back in the ring, smacking Storm’s face in the process. He puts Storm in a Camel Clutch and drives his elbow into Storm’s head. Kingston chops him in the corner. On the opposite side, Storm catches Kingston with a boot. He gives him a hard slap and a sunset flip for two. Angrily Kingston gives him a hard forearm. He tosses Storm to the floor. When Storm comes back in Kingston delivers a headbutt. Storm sends Kingston to the floor. Storm tries a tope con hilo but Kingston moves and he eats it. Storm makes his way back in the ring. Kingston covers him for two. Storm throws some forearms and hits a desperation DDT. He then hits the Jackhammer for two. Storm dumps Kingston on his head with a German suplex! Kingston kicks out. He turns Storm inside out with a lariat. When Storm kicks out, Kingston picks him up into an Emerald Frosion. Storm kicks out of that. He also German suplexes Storm onto his head. Storm quickly hits That Japanese Move before taking time to recover. They trade strikes on their knees. They continue doing so when they get to their feet. Storm delivers two headbutts. Kingston peppers him with slaps to the face. Storm hits a tornado kick for two. Kingston had blood covering him from Storm’s nose. He fights up looking for a Saito suplex. Storm fights out and hits another That Japanese Move for two. Kingston gives Storm two Saito suplexes. He goes for the Backfist. Storm ducks it, but hits it on the second try for the pin at 15:07.

I don’t think anybody expected a match like this going into the show. Storm’s bloody face made this match and made him look like a complete badass for persevering and at times even having Kingston on the ropes (figuratively speaking). This show gets forgotten, but this is one of the best brawls CHIKARA has done and was even included on their Best of 2008 compilation. ***½

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