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January 18, 2008 / Reed

Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston from HWA 2008

Review by Reed Benson:

I like Eddie Kingston best when he’s funny, and even though this isn’t a total comedy match, he’s still pretty entertaining here. He comes out and blatantly stalls for a while, challenging a kid in the second row to a fight. He sells everything Hero does to him as well as some of the things he does to Hero. He plays the fall guy very well, but he isn’t a pushover for the whole match. He gets a lot of chops and strikes in and has Hero under control for a good portion in the middle. His fault is in toying with Hero for too long, giving him too many openings to fire back, which he eventually does.

Chris Hero is a good straight man who just wants to beat Kingston up. Really, it could have been anyone in his position, though, as the match is more focused on Kingston getting what’s coming to him; it doesn’t really matter who’s doing it. It’s enjoyable enough watching Kingston squirm as Hero literally twists his arm in the early goings, though that arm work goes nowhere afterwards. Most of Hero’s offense consists of cravate-based moves and chops. They fight outside a couple times, and the second time is noteworthy for two bits. The first is Kingston’s rapport with the kid in the second row coming to a head when Hero holds him for the kid to chop. The second is Hero imitating the boxer painted on the wall as he chops Kingston.

The ending is kind of weird because it’s based on both guys having leg injuries that they both supposedly knew about. Why neither of them exploited the other’s injury during the bulk of the match is beyond me. Kingston clubs at Hero’s left leg, but Hero hits an enzuigiri and stomps on both of Kingston’s ankles. Then he puts Kingston in a Rivera Cloverleaf, and Kingston taps.

Overall, I think the match is good in spite of the questionable limb work (or lack thereof).

– Reed Benson

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