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December 10, 2007 / Fray

Evolution (Triple H, Batista, & Ric Flair) vs. Randy Orton, Edge, & Umaga from Raw on December 10, 2007

Post by The Fray Movement:

What happens when you team up the greatest performer the industry has ever known with the dirtiest player in the game, the demon leviathan, and the diamond chosen one?
Evolution is what happens. (Editor’s note: it’s a mystery.)

Those ingredients added together make up the greatest stable of men to ever ply their trade as a group in the history of professional wrestling.

They dominated a business. They won championships. The loved women. They drank. They bantered. They had a swell time. Yeah, they had their ups and downs along the way, but who doesn’t? In the end, they put egos aside and brought down a shield of Justice.

That’s just Evolution.

Well on this night in December 2007 they were on one of their “down” periods, and honestly, so was the WWE as a whole. I literally remember nothing about that time period. Seemingly nothing mattered. I think the crowd reflected that because they were dead for this match.

And really, it wasn’t meant to be a match. It was meant to be a celebration, and then Evolution did what they often did best – they buried someone who was aiming to take their spot.

You’re not taking Triple H’s spot, pal. Back of the line with the rest of them.

Anyway, go ahead and watch this. Come for the banter, stay for the rest holds, and  leave knowing you witnessed four of the greatest to ever play The Game.

(Also, two other geeks of no consequence are there.)


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