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November 18, 2007 / TJ Hawke

Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked from Chikara’s Chapter 11 2007


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Recap from TJ Hawke:

This show was supposed to be the 2007 season finale, Chapter 11. Unfortunately this show is probably more infamous for Lince Dorado nearly killing himself on a shooting star press in the semi-main event. The main event of this show, Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli, was cancelled, and Chikara then ran a free show at Penn State, Stephen Colbert > Bill O’Reilly, as a makeup show. Chapter 11 was also notable to have the match where the editor of Figure Four Weekly, Bryan Alvarez, defeated Larry Sweeney for the ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title.


This match was contested under Falls Count Anywhere rules.  This was a big feud at the time in Chikara.  I watched this over a year ago, and I remember not being in love with it.  I wonder how it will seem a second time through.


It’s all brawling and striking to start.  Wicked hit a high running knee that caused Kingston to roll to the floor.  Wicked hit a suplex on the entrance ramp.  The ended up back in the ring, and Kingston delivered some stiff strikes to the kidneys.  Kingston then kicked Wicked in the face.  Kingston had the advantage after that.  Wicked came back with some chops, but Kingston cut him off with a brutal slap to the face.  Wicked came back with a headbutt (leading with his horn!).  Wicked ended up on the apron, and Kingston then hit a Silverking lariat.  Kingston went for a suicide dive, but Wicked blocked it.  Wicked then hit a Koppou kick on the apron, and a Michinoku Driver on the floor: 1…2…NO!  Kingston came back with a STO on the floor: 1…2…NO!  Kingston rolled him back in the ring.  Wicked hit a high knee in the corner.  They were both on the top rope and traded some big strikes.  Wicked headbutted him and hit a super Fisherman buster: 1…2…NO!!!  Kingston blocked a Go-2-Sleepy Hollow attempt and hit a 2k1 Bomb: 1…2…NO!  Wicked avoided a Backfist to the Future and hit a big hurricanrana.  YAKUZA: 1…2…NO! Kingston blocked a Go-2-Sleepy Hollow and hit a Backdrop Driver: 1…2…NO!  BACKDROP DRIVER!  WICKED STANDS UP! FIGHTING SPIRIT!  BACKFIST TO THE FUTURE: 1…2…3!


I liked this match more upon a repeated viewing.  The story was that both men just threw everything they had at the other, hoping that one of their big moves would be the one to finish the other.  Kingston’s finisher connected first.  The crowd didn’t get as invested as I expected, which is what holds this match back from being anything more than good.  Definitely worth watching though.

Match Rating: ***


Thoughts from Murray Peterson:

So we head fairly deep into the Chikara vault for this contest between the first Grand Champion circa 2011 and the first Young Lions Cup holder Hallowicked. Chikara does these specialty matches so well. It isn’t over done and we aren’t left feeling like there was to much emphasis placed on the gimmick of the match that the wrestling wasn’t able to come through. As it was one of three main events, I believe the first, it was a little toned back from what may have happened if it had been the concluding match of the night. Besides that, it was a fun brawl from beginning to end and everything that happened outside the ring was a welcome addition to the match. I can easily recommend this as a fun, fast watch. My only detraction is that Kingston over sells a yakuza kick by Wicked by literally leaping backwards about seven feet. It took me out of the match for just that second, but that break in belief can sometimes be fatal to the match quality. Luckily this time there was enough recovery time that it really didn’t matter. Watch this match right now and enjoy the next ten minutes of your life!

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