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September 11, 2007 / Reed

Jaime Dundee vs. JC Bailey from XCW Midwest’s Let Freedom Ring 2007

Review by Reed Benson:

Sleeveless T-shirts and shorts? A lightly colored armory with garage doors in the background? Dave Prazak on commentary? I’m in IWA Mid-South heaven! And it isn’t even IWA Mid-South!

Prazak informs us that this is the Battle of the JC’s: JC Bailey and JC Ice.

There’s no babyface or heel here. The story of the match is one of simple competitiveness. Dundee does get a little frustrated near the end and resorts to corner stomping when he can’t seem to get the pinfall, but that’s as far as it goes. There are no dives. The biggest highspot is a missile dropkick by Bailey. It’s kind of odd to see solid technical wrestling by two guys in shirts and shorts (and one in sneakers), but if you can get over that, it’s actually compelling.

There’s also no winner, unfortunately. The match ends in a slightly clunky time limit draw after three sleeper attempts. But, you know, the crowd’s into it and the work is really solid. Dundee’s a veteran and Bailey shows here that he actually had talent outside of taking disturbing bumps through stacks of light tubes. This isn’t a must-see match, but it’s enjoyable and makes me want to go find some other performances from both guys.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

My (weird) wrestling commentary site is here.


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