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July 7, 2007 / Reed

Ricochet vs. Iceberg from IWA Deep South 2007

Review by Reed Benson:

Iceberg’s a big guy and Ricochet is not at all, so it’s obvious who’s going to be running this match. Unfortunately, Iceberg’s offense is slow and mostly uninteresting. A snap suplex, a fallaway slam, a gourdbuster, some kind of falling heabutt in the corner, and a chin lock (a chin lock? Oh boy!) are all parts of his repertoire. He executes the moves okay (except the headbutt thing), but there isn’t really any charisma or meanness behind them like you would see with a Samoa Joe or a Vader. He just kind of does the moves with a stone face and doesn’t interact with the crowd much. I think I would’ve been more engaged had Iceberg done exactly the same moves while egging the crowd on in between. As is, the crowd doesn’t have much to do besides sit on their hands until the inevitable Ricochet comeback.

Any offense Ricochet tries before his comeback just bounces off Iceberg. After Iceberg pulls Ricochet up on a two count, he tries to squash him in the corner again, but Ricochet counters with a boot, hits a flying DDT (which ends up more like a neckbreaker), and lands a 450 splash for the pinfall victory. If you hate matches where the babyface comes back after a long beating to win with two moves, this isn’t for you.

– Reed Benson 

Twitter: @Hookthelegman

Match Reviews:  Hook the Leg, Man!


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