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June 2, 2007 / Shelly Deathlock

Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey from SHIMMER 2007

Recap by @indiandeathlock:

The match introductions start at 4:00 in case you want to skip the entrances (CONTENT WARNING: “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN” IS SARA DEL REY’S THEME SONG), though you may want to catch Lacey terrorizing everyone and screaming at the fans, actually. Minnesota Homewrecking Crew INDEED except I think that means she’s a tornado and will just literally level your house you disrespectful little snots. Okay, where was I?

This match is the culmination of a sixteen woman tournament over two days to crown the first SHIMMER champion.

The crowd is insane. The wrestlers are ready and start trying to win the match immediately — no feeling out, straight into trying to hit finishers and apply submissions. Sara stretches Lacey, Lacey responds by illegally biting, and so forth.

Halfway through, the pace picks up and the match becomes quite competitive. Suplex repeat, suplex repeat, going to the outside, Lacey showing her smarts and technique, Sara showing her brute strength. From there on, it’s better if you just go watch it yourself to see two women battle for the honor of being the first champion of their promotion.

Kaomoji match rating: m(_ _)m

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