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April 22, 2007 / Reed

Low Ki vs. Hotstuff Hernandez from IWA Mid-South’s Sunday Bloody Sunday 2007

Review by Reed Benson:

This is IWA Mid-South post-Dave Prazak. IWA Mid-South post-Dave Prazak is like The Office post-Steve Carrell, Spin City post-Michael J. Fox, or The X-Files post-David Duchovny. Well, maybe. I never actually followed any of those shows. What I’m saying is that Prazak was the star of IWA Mid-South, and without his commentary, it’s just not the same.

This match, however, is pretty darn good. Hernandez (back when he still had a first name) is a big bald guy. Low Ki is a small bald guy. Hernandez learns early that he shouldn’t try to toy with Low Ki; those kicks and chops hurt no matter how large you are. But it takes several shots from Low Ki to do to Hernandez what one flying shoulder tackle from Hernandez can do to Ki. After taking one big hit, Low Ki is suddenly fighting from the bottom for the bulk of the match as Hernandez squeezes him, drops him, and chucks him all over the place.

If Hernandez is a big redwood tree that Low Ki needs to chop down, then Low Ki is a nut with a hard shell that Hernandez can’t seem to really crack. Low Ki’s persistence is on full display, and he does a great job fighting back in spurts while never ignoring the damage of the big moves he’s taken. Hernandez takes a long time to fall, but when he does, it’s a big deal.

The finish is a little disappointing because I’m just so sick of school boy roll-ups. I’d prefer a small package or a backslide. But maybe you’re not as picky as me, and even if you are, I really think that the story of the match is told well enough throughout to forgive such a small nitpick at the end.

Also, Jim Fannin and some other guy do a pretty good job on commentary. They’re no Dave Prazak, but they’re all right.

– Reed Benson

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