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April 8, 2007 / TJ Hawke

Orlando Jordan vs. Yuji Nagata from NJPW 2007


TJ Hawke’s Recap:

They did some test of strength stuff early.  Jordan didn’t go down after a shoulder block, and he then mocked Nagata by making his pecs bounce.  Fantastic.  Jordan took Nagata down with a punch to the face, and he then started to work over Nagata.  The crowd seemed surprised that this was happening.  Nagata came back with some kicks to Jordan’s left leg.  Nagata then went to town on that leg.  Nagata got a leglock, but Jordan was able to roll to the ropes.  Jordan hit a spinebuster, which got him a two count.  Jordan then hit a Mic Check, which also got him a two count.  Jordan went to the top rope and hit a diving elbow, but that also only got him a two count.  Jordan went for a urinagi-like move, but Nagata reversed it into a DDT.  Nagata then delivered some stiff kicks and forearms.  Nagata hit an exploder suplex, and he then locked in the crippler crossface! Jordan tapped almost immediately.


This match was actually just fine considering my expectations, but I think it suffered from the fans not knowing how seriously they should take Jordan.  This matchup was posted mostly just because I find the idea of it to be so inherently hysterical.  Enjoy it for what it is (an ok NJPW undercard match).


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