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March 3, 2007 / Kevin Ford

Larry Sweeney vs. Bullet Bob Armstrong from IWA Deep-South Biting the Bullet

Post by Kevin Ford:

On the previous IWA Deep-South show, Sweeney cheated to defeat Brad Armstrong. Sweeney bails to the floor when Armstrong advances towards him. He locks up, but backs away when Armstrong cocks back for a punch. Armstrong gets an arm hold causing Sweeney to get the ropes. He claims tight pulling occurred but of course it did not. Sweeney does a little posing before asking for a test of strength. Armstrong ends up bringing Sweeney to the mat. Sweeney avoids getting his hand stomped on, but does roll to the floor after Armstrong hits him in the chest. Sweeney hits him with a closed fist but the referee does not notice. Armstrong responds in kind and gets in some more chest strikes. He grabs Sweeney’s ears so Sweeney rakes his eyes. He does some damage to Armstrong’s left leg. Armstrong kicks Sweeney between the legs. Sweeney pulls down the straps while punching Armstrong in the corner. Sweeney gets whipped to the corner. He blocks a punch and pins Armstrong with the Graham Cracker at 7:26.

Sweeney was the only thing keeping this entertaining. Armstrong was just too old to do much of anything, though he had the crowd behind him so I guess it doesn’t matter. ½*

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