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February 17, 2007 / TJ Hawke

The Great Muta & Tajiri vs. Goldust & Hakushi from AJPW 2007

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Muta and Tajiri did stereo mist before the match. Goldust was looking quite large. He and Tajiri did some sexual comedy spots that quite frankly went over my head. Goldust was actually “Goldustin” by the way on this show. Muta and Goldust also did some sexual comedy spots. Tajiri eventually got cut off and worked over. Tajiri started to make his own comeback on Hakushi. Goldust and Muta then went at it. There was a four person submission spot. Tajiri then realized he should just kick Hakushi. Everyone ended up on the floor. Back in the ring, Hakushi went to save Goldust, but he got a double mist for his trouble. Goldust made his own comeback. He threatened to assault and possibly rape Muta. Muta gave him the mist. Tajiri gave him the mist. Shining Wizard from Muta: 1…2….3

I did not find a single moment of this to be entertaining. This is not the Goldust from 2013-2014 (or even his underrated run in 2008-2009). Muta and Hakushi looked washed up here. Tajiri did not attempt much that was in any way fun. Goldust’s “other” character was in full force here in all of its awfulness. Bad times were had by all. Avoid this match.

Match Rating: DUD


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