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October 7, 2006 / Bill Thompson

Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki from Absolute Intense Wrestling 2006

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

I’m not sure if all the fancy acrobatics before the Kicks are necessary?

If ever there was a polarizing figure among the ranks of pro wrestling fans, Low Ki would certainly qualify. There are some who absolutely love what Ki has done throughout his career. Then there are those who are entirely nonplussed by the idea of Ki as a wrestler. I find that I am somewhere in the middle. There are times when Ki is an amazing professional wrestler, easily among the best in the world. However, there are also times when he frustrates me with the shortcuts and odd decisions he will make while working a match. That’s this match in a nutshell, both from Ki and surprisingly from Sonjay Dutt.

2006 Ki is a bit of a black hole for me. I’ve seen very little of Ki from this time period. It’s a very interesting version of Ki, that much is certain. The explosive violence for which he had become famous is still present, but in a much different form. Instead of simply exploding at his opponent with a minimal amount of flourish it’s now more flourish and less explosion. The end result is still much the same, a stiff Roundhouse Kick or Elbow Drop for instance. But, getting to said result is offbeat and it makes Ki into a much different worker. To be frank, this version of Ki feels much more self-aware, and not in a good way.

In this match Ki is at his best when he gets lost in the moment. When he forgets that he is Low Ki the baddest ass kicker around and just goes with Dutt to wherever the match will take him. All the set up isn’t necessary from Ki. Nailing Dutt in the back of the head with an Axe Kick has more of an effect than him pausing in mid-air so that the crowd can “Oooh,” before he comes down with a now muted version of the same Axe Kick. There’s too much of that Ki in this match, and not enough of the simple Ki.

Surprisingly Dutt is very much on his game here. Perhaps I need to go back and revisit Dutt because I’ve always remembered him as a guy who had decent ideas but was limited to spots alone, (that he would botch every other move.) Here he moves economically, and he’s constantly leaving himself in the best possible position for the stiff offense of Ki. At the same time Dutt’s offense is crisp and on point. There are some rough patches where he does commit some flubs near the end of the match but on the whole Dutt looks really good on this night in Cleveland, Ohio.

Not a great or even good match, but an interesting match for sure. It could have been great, but Ki was being too showy and self-referential on this night. I was surprised by how good Dutt looked, and while that helped the match immensely it still wasn’t enough to move it beyond being an interesting curiosity. Still like Ki a lot, and want to revisit Dutt, but this was not Ki’s match, not by a longshot.

Bill Thompson


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