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September 16, 2006 / TJ Hawke

Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk from Impact Zone Wrestling 2006

Post by TJ Hawke:

This was an EXTREME RULES match.

While these two could not move with the necessary urgency to make this the wild brawl that it needed to be truly successful, there were so many small highlights that this match became genuinely enjoyable overall. Much like their infamous Empty Arena Match, Lawler is good in this, but Terry Funk is why I found myself entertained. He is just so good at milking tiny moments and making them seem way more important. For instance, the way he just yells at Lawler for injuring his arm, as if  the very idea of it is cruel, is just brilliantly done. It makes a rivalry based on a very old feud seem just as personal as it was originally. Anyway, I must recommend this match (especially if you are fans of the two). Funk survived a bunch of piledrivers and managed to catch Lawler with a schoolboy for the win. (***)


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