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September 2, 2006 / TJ Hawke

Mike Quackenbush vs. Chuck Taylor from IPW 2006

Post by TJ Hawke:

This was a semifinal match in the 2006 IPW Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament. Chuck was the IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion at the time of the match. I believe that title is on the line, but Cagematch is not crystal clear about it. Also, check out Kevin Ford’s review of the match!

I went into this with modest-to-high expectations since I am pretty huge fans of both guys. There is definitely a ceiling in IPW though, and a lot of cool matchups in the company have not always played out as well as I hoped. Sadly, this was another such match.

The biggest problem with the match is that they nearly went twenty minutes for no discernible reason. Chuck Taylor, for all his strengths, is not all that good at controlling a match for a long period of time. He, along with the great majority of wrestlers in the past twenty-five years to be fair, work better in more compact matches. It is especially important when he is working his more comedic character (which he was not always doing at the time). The match probably just should have been Quack messing with him for a bit, Chuck getting the briefest of control periods, and then some back-and-forth action that mixed some high-flying and gaga together. In and out in 10 minutes. Wam bam, etc. Instead Chuck was in control for too long, and I lost interest in the match. After avoiding a palm strike, Taylor hit the Jimmy Wang moonsault for the win. (**1/2)

PS: @TomBlargh is The Big Dog.

PS #2: They did a spot towards the end where Chuck throws Quack off the top rope, and Quack rolls through. Quack then pretends that he was slammed down, but he lies the wrong way. Chuck then tries to figure out if he’s hurt or not because it doesn’t look right. Anyway, it’s a great spot, but I literally just saw them do it in IWA Deep South on the Chuck T set from around the same time period.



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