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June 17, 2006 / CJWilson

Moohammad vs. Flip D. Berger from ISW Processed Cheese 2006

Post by TJ Hawke:

This ISW match takes place back in 2006. I do not know much of the history of ISW, but this towards the beginning of the promotion (Editor’s note: it’s from their third show to be precise).

Moohammad attacks Flip D. Berger while he makes his entrance. Moohammad Irish whips Berger into a few rows of chairs. Berger tries to make Moohammad eat a McDonald’s burger, but Moohammad fights him off. Berger drops Moohammad onto a chair and makes him eat the burger. Moohammad drops Berger onto the ropes and connects with double knees to the head. Moohammad makes a fan hold a trash can lid up to Berger’s head, and Moohammad kicks the lid into his head. Moohammad puts Berger’s head between a chair and hits a springboard leg drop. Berger gave Moohammad a McDonald’s bag as a present, but there was nothing in there and Berger punches Moohammad through the bag. Moohammad hits Berger with a cowbell several times. Moohammad attempts to ram Berger with a trash can on his head, but Berger kicks the trash can while it is on Moohammad’s head. Berger hits a piledriver onto the trash can for a nearfall. Berger hits a brainbuster onto a chair for another nearfall. Moohammad powerbombs Berger off the second rope onto legos and a trash can for the 3 count and the win.

This was a really enjoyable match, and I especially liked Moohammad in it. He was really funny especially when he said “I don’t want to beat him, I want to kill him.” This was one of the few matches I have seen from ISW, and I am really excited that I will be reviewing more (as this was not just a funny match, but it was also really good). The piledriver on the trash can looked really nice, and I am a sucker for legos so that finishing spot was really cool.

Chris Wilson


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