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May 7, 2006 / barrylad

Sheamus O’Shaunessy vs. Drew Galloway from Irish Whip Wrestling 2006

Match Analysis by Barry Murphy:

I’m a big fan of both guys, especially Sheamus, so I was greatly looking forward to seeing this.

Sheamus has really lame, custom entrance music that name drops all his moves and such. It’s not a good song but I always appreciate when indie guys go to the lengths of actually recruiting someone to make them a personalized song, like actual major league stars have. The results aren’t usually good but, hey, I admire the drive. He’s also the whitest of white-bread babyfaces here, grinning ear to ear and shaking kids’ hands.

This bout is for Sheamus’ IWW International Heavyweight Title. McIntyre is returning to Ireland to challenge for the title in the near future. for more information.

Sheamus panders for a chant and McIntyre throws a mini-fit, kicking the ropes out of frustration. Sheamus wins some early tie-ups by overpowering McIntyre and shoving him away. They exchanged holds, with Sheamus again taking charge with a headlock and then a front face lock. His mannerisms are totally campy, as he looks to both sides of the crowd before pouncing on Drew, as if to say “should I get him!?” in a very pantomime way (Google it, Americans). BIG “S.O.S” (Sheamus O’Shaunessy) chant, so hey, the people like it at least. Drew tried firing back but was taken over by Sheamus with an arm drag and another headlock takeover. McIntyre takes the advantage by throwing Sheamus rib first into the apron and getting the heat. He applies a surfboard variant which Sheamus breaks out of almost immediately and without any build up. McIntyre chokes Sheamus in the corner, but Sheamus fires back with elbows and hits a German suplex out of nowhere. As both are rising, McIntyre hits a low dropkick and resumes getting the heat. McIntyre misses a legdrop as Sheamus tries to get back to his feet. Backbreaker into a fall away slam by Sheamus. He teases “the Celtic Slam,” McIntyre fights, but gets hit with the move anyway. Sheamus then very clumsily positions himself to make the absolute worse cover ever, telegraphing that he’s going to get pulled away from the cover by a third party, which does happen. Charlie Rage enters the ring and hits a Samoan drop on Sheamus for the DISQUALIFICATION~! I CAN’T EVEN ESCAPE THESE SHITTY RAW FINISHES BY WATCHING AN EIGHT YEAR OLD IRISH INDIE MATCH! Rage spears McIntyre and lays out the referee. Rage continues beating on both men to no end, including hitting a vertical suplex (yes, a vertical suplex) during his vicious run-in.

The announcer says the winner of the match via DQ is Drew Galloway and… wait, what? Sheamus was disqualified? For having his ass kicked by a third party? What?


This wasn’t a good match. It felt like they were trying to do a classic back-and-forth main event but this lacked the minutia of what makes that kind of match work. Sheamus arbitrarily hitting a german suplex in the middle of the heat doesn’t make it a ‘super competitive, back and forth match.’ It just came off like guys doing moves, without any rhyme or reason. The match sorely lacked in any kind of storytelling, in terms of structure but also in terms of both men’s mannerisms etc. If nothing else, this match shows that you really can’t write anyone off in wrestling. As rough as this match was, both men would go on to be incredibly well-rounded performers – and two of my favourites in wrestling today. Sheamus, in particular, is almost unrecognisable – a very charismatic presence who is almost guaranteed to give fans a super match when the opportunity presents itself. I’m fairly confident that Drew McIntyre’s return to (against DUNKAN DISORDERLY~!) will be well worth watching, and a notch or two above this affair, to say the least.

[Editor’s Note: Drew McIntyre vs. Dunkan Disorderly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

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